Gun Bros 2   for iPhone

Gun Bros 2 for iPhone

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The most amazing shooter and set in the future that you have ever seen for your mobile devices.

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Francis and Percy Gun, or what is the same, the Gun Bros brothers, have again the destiny of the humanity in their hands and they will need to face once more T.O.O.L, tyrants space warriors, now with more arms and tools. But, who would be able to save the galaxy if not the vigoréxicos brotherly duo of spatial soldiers?

Gun Bros 2 for iPhone and iPad offers action, adrenaline and testosterone in the same amount and with no resting time in a game of shoot'em up full of humor, fiber and endless firearms and war machines with enough ammunition to play until you get tired of it. In each of the screen of the game, you will see the uncontrolled battalions of the enemies that try to occupy your vital space and, probably, to kill you and you will have to kill them all until the biggest bug, the responsible of them, comes; bigger and more powerful, to which you will only be able to defeat with the help of the heavy machinery. Note: it is not allowed to stop shooting.

One of the best characteristics of this game is that it is very simple to use and control. In the left superior skin, you will have the joystick to move your character and, in the right, the trigger of his blaster gun: move and shoot, this is all what you have to do. As many levels you overcome, more you will be able to increase your arms and equipment.

Play in the Campaign mode or have fun with the Arcade mode, increasing your score to become in the best Bro of all. Besides, you will also be able to play with your friends in the Game Center in the multiplayer mode and in real time; there will not be any T.O.O.L. that resists you.

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The future of the galaxy is in the muscles of the Gun brothers; will your help them success in their mission?

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5 years ago

More than a great game is a hobby, but a lot of fun. It can also help to relieve stress by distributing bullets here and there without stopping for a second. I recommend it!

helpful? Thanks, Alba
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- It is not compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch or iPad 1
- It needs iOS 4.3 or higher

New version 1.2.2

- The loading time has improved
- Free barriers
- New tutorial of the Brotherhood.
- Errors have been corrected and the performance has been improved.

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2 years and 4 months ago

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