Grand Theft Auto: Vice City   for iPhone

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for iPhone

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Luxury and decadence in the same portion in GTA. Do you dare to play to this new version, Vice City?

Detailed Analysis

RockStar Games celebrates in its highest the tenth anniversary of one of their games, one of the most successful ones and more controverted: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. And their present is to move one of the best game of the whole GTA saga to mobile devices so you can have it in your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. This    game of mafias, millonaries, organized crime and street bands was a revolution in the way in which players understood the games of missions, shooting and driving, and it was one of the first ones to create an open city like Castilla, in which you can move freely.    

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for iOS devices is the exactly same history that in the videoconsole vesion and PCs, the same missions and the same sceneries, all of them completelly optimized to offer the best peformance in your mobile. About this game, we have heard a lot of opinions, due basically to its content which is highly violent and with no manners. But there is any doubt that it is one of the action games that has achieved to put the player completely in the game.    

The two big pillars of GTA: Vice City that have made the game to have great success, as well as the other GTA saga games that followed this oe (even when all can be discussed) are, on one side, the deep history and well built., with many    different surprises, and well done details and the huge work in the script; on the other side, a huge map located in an alive city, full of people and with many different distrcits, in which you will find many secondary missions when you do not feel like going on with the main story and for which you will be able to walk and drive completelly free without any limits.

Vice City, reall well baptized, is a kind of Miami in the 80s, in which we can find tachts, sport cars and the Hawaiian shirts are everywhere, as also the fire weapons and the objects made to be used to have a good fortune. You are on of them and you will need to face to the rich people making poor people pay for what they owe, and facing other criminals to be the best one. For that, you will have a huge weapons equipment of fire and a bunch of objects that you can use when you have run out of bullets, like a bate or a brat.

Another of the great points of Grand Theft Auto is the combination of missions in which you will be able to rob cars that you like, shooting through the screen, and so more.    And if we talk about the cars in GTA, we cannot forget another of the key success of the saga: the radio of the car. Every time you get into a car, you will be able to change the radio station of it, choosing amongst the different one that we have according to teh occassion: (country, rock, R & B, funk, etc). But moreover, taking advantage of the characteristics of your iOS device, this time you will also be able to listen to the radio station with the songs you have in iTunes.

As a new to its adaptation to the mobile devices, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City has updated the graphics of the game and its illumination, besides offering the new system of shooting and marksmanship and the option to customize the control of the games to adapt them to yur preferences. If you wannt to go back to the vice city and have fun again with the new spectacular missions, intense and dangerous of this amazing game ofRockStar Games, download Grand Theft Auto: Vice City in your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and rediscover the dak    crime world.

Razones para usar este software

It has been adapted in the best way to the mobile devices
It has a great variety of weapons and vehicles
A huge and dynamic city in which you can act completely free
Deep and really worked story
Besides the classic radio stations, you have now another with your songs in iTunes.
Improved graphics and visual setting
The controls can be complicated and difficult to use
It is no a good game for sensible people(and, of course, neither is for children)

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Best game ever

4 years and 10 months ago

I'm Megafan all but GTA Vice City is the first I played and who I have always liked more. is not very expensive, I will comprao me and I'm about to return it to happen, is a vice, redundant

helpful? Thanks, rastafi
Original review in Spanish translated with Google Translate. Read the original.

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141 downloads (last 7 days)


- It requires iOS 4.3 or later
- It needs more than 1 GB of free space available in the device

New version 1.6

- It is fully optimized for iPod Touch of the Fouthr generation
- Errors have been corrected


This version is really violent and the content is not allowed to people under 17.

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