Grand Theft Auto 3   for iPhone

Grand Theft Auto 3 for iPhone

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Enjoy the 10th anniversary of GTA 3 with this new version completely adapted for your iOS devices. Now, you will have your favorite game everywhere.

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Grand Theft Auto 3 is one the best releases of this famous game and that is known worldwide.    The games of GTA are, with no doubt, a reference for the modern games thanks to a revolutionary game style in which we find an open map that can be explored according the needs and likes of each of the players. For that, they are games in which we have endless possibilities to make the game as we want and they also allow us to interact with all our environment in the game.

In GTA III, you will be in the shoes of Claude, a common offender that wants to become the boss of Liberty City, the city in which all the action takes place. You will have to lead our lethal character in the different missions that you will find in the game, some to follow the story of Claude in Liberty City, and other alternative missions with which you will be able to get more score and extra resources. As in the majority of the games in the family of GTA, in Liberty City the development of the missions follows an interesting argument together with cinematographic scenes, with a lot of black humor and several different characters and sceneries according to the situation in which you find yourself in the game.

It also shares with the rest of the games of the same saga the already known binary of that comes out from a shooter game of action combined with a driving game and speed, aspect that has also been included in many other games from them. Another aspect that cannot be missed in any GTA is the extreme doses of violence that you will see in each of the missions that you are going to live. The ones from Grand Theft Auto are games really realistic and what they focus is the world of mafia, the crime, the dangerous escaping to huge speed and the killings in cold blood to the style of shooting first and asking later; the violence of this games will be, then, according to the realism of the game.

The news in Grand Theft Auto III in this version for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch has to deal with the adaptation of the game to the screens of the mobile devices. The missions, characters, sceneries and the story are exactly the same to the ones of 10 years ago, but with a dynamic of game and the controls adapted to the mobile devices with tactile screens. The graphics, the characters and even the car models have also been updated and improved to be more attractive besides offering a resolution in high quality.

Install Grand Theft Auto 3 in your iOS device and remember one of the best stories of offenders and crime that has given us the world of the videogames. Or download it to introduce yourself in the games of GTA with one of their most known releases and pioneer of games with open maps, shootings, cars, with a lot of action and arms, speed and one of the most complete adventure in the dangerous world of mafia and crime.

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It looks more stable

4 years and 11 months ago

I bought it a while ago and was about to complain to Rockstar because every few minutes I was hanging it directly or closing. Recently been updated and it seems to be much more stable, I hope it lasts.

helpful? Thanks, rastafi

1 votes

Original review in Spanish translated with Google Translate. Read the original.

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114 downloads (last 7 days)


- It is compatible with iPhone 4 or later; iPod Touch 4 and iPad 1 and 2.
- It needs iOS 4.3 or later

New version 1.3.5

- It has improved the stability especially in iPhone 4 and iPad 1
- The problems have been corrected.

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