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Now, you can work with all your apps without needing Internet connection.

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The mode of offline work is every day more used in spite the Wi-Fi networks invade almost all the spaces. However, there are some spaces in which, for security reasons, it is now allowed the online mode with Internet connection in any of the forms. For these moments, Google Gear can be a really good solution.

Google Gear allows users to use its apps without needing Internet connection. Simply, by downloading the necessary apps, you will be able to have access to them and when you are connected again, an automatic synchronization will be done of all the new information that you have put in them.

You can use apps like the ones of your email Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Reader and, definitely, any app that is developed in Ajax.

Besides the mentioned ones, you will also be able to use a lot of other apps as the ones that come from Yahoo or platforms as Wordpress. Without any doubt, it is a major progress for all those who need to work outside the office and sometimes do not have Internet connection.

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rayz swift190

rayz swift190



4 years and 12 months ago

I love Google x that can navigate smoothly

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2 votes

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Good application to become obsolete

6 years and 3 months ago

It is a well thought out idea. Wait until the connection is back at the screen is somewhat boring. This application has allowed me to move work even when disconnected. I was able to organize my mail, delete the e-mails and I do not need to prepare a few drafts. When the connection becomes everything is updated. I feel great pity that moment also requires a little wait. Just do not you get used to the interface of this program because it is obsolete. Its authors have opted to move all the capabilities Gears web standards like HTML5.

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2 votes

Original review in Spanish translated with Google Translate. Read the original.

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