GO Speed (Trash cleaner)   for Android

GO Speed (Trash cleaner) for Android

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Don't put up with a sluggish mobile! This app not only finds and eliminates useless content but it also detains processes and apps with autostart so the mobile recovers the speed it once had


Cleans pre-installed apps
You can easily check the results
Detains hidden processes

What is awating us in GO Speed (Trash cleaner)

- More speed: The app detains the processes that are executed in the background, it also detains the applications which have autostart, therefore they are operating but we are not aware of it.
- More capacity: If your Android is a 4.1 version or above, with GO Speed (Trash cleaner) you will be able to eliminate the apps which came installed originally, without needing to have ROOT permissions. Through its intelligent scanner GO Speed (Trash cleaner) can detect and eliminate the trash in the caché, the waste files and the temporary files..
It will help you to find those apps that you hardly ever use to create backups in case you want to install them again and you are uninstalling to gain disk space.
- Multimedia: It helps you to clean the photos, videos, music, etc., from the mobile.

Altogether it gives new vitality to your mobile phone. Use GO Speed (Trash cleaner) and maybe you won't need to change your mobile yet.

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New version

- New manual mode for setting notification.
- Easier control for settings .
- Improved appearance in the block application page.
- Corrected errors.

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