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Comprehensive customisation options
Efficient performance management
Richest theme repository available
User-friendly interface with additional advanced settings


In-app purchases for certain premium features
May be overwhelming for new users
Ads in the free version
Some themes require additional downloads

GO Launcher EX is an ingenious Android app that enables users to revitalise their smartphone interface with an unrivalled level of customisation. Offering a bounty of themes, agile performance tweaks, and smart widgets, it’s an app that boasts versatility and personalisation. Among its highlighted features, users often laud its smooth operations, comprehensive configurations, and a vast library of artistic and functional add-ons.

The Customisable User Interface of GO Launcher EX

If personalisation is your forte, GO Launcher EX doesn’t disappoint. Its user interface is a playground for customisation, providing access to a dizzying array of themes and wallpapers. With over a thousand themes available, reinventing your phone’s aesthetic to match your mood or style is just a few taps away. The app also provides the ability to customize app drawer layouts, icons, and transitions, ensuring the uniqueness of your smartphone’s look and feel.

The 3D transition effects, in particular, breathe new life into everyday interactions. Transition effects like the popular ‘cube’ or ‘windmill’ offer a visual feast when switching between screens or opening the app drawer. These are implemented with a focus on fluidity and speed, ensuring that the eye candy doesn’t hamper the device’s performance.

Themes and Wallpapers to Suit Every Taste

The themes are more than just superficial changes; they’re meticulously designed to cover icons, interface elements and widgets, ensuring a cohesive look. The themes range from the minimalist to the extravagant, catering to a wide demographic. For instance, the ‘Neon’ theme adds a futuristic flare to your device, while the ‘Classic’ theme keeps things sleek and functional.

Wallpapers come in various styles, from static images to live wallpapers that interact with your touch or move as you tilt your phone. Furthermore, there are options for customisation within each theme, allowing you to mix and match elements from different sets, thus creating a personalised environment that is truly your own.

Create a Smart and Efficient Workspace with Widgets

Widgets, when used wisely, can transform your home screen from a display area into a hub of productivity. GO Launcher EX’s repository contains widgets for clocks, weather, switches, and tasks, designed to complement the launcher’s themes seamlessly. They are not just decorative; the widgets genuinely serve to improve functionality without cluttering your workspace.

The ‘GO Switch’ widget, for example, allows you to quickly toggle system settings like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or brightness, alongside a clean visual design that harmonises with your chosen theme. This fusion of form and function distinguishes GO Launcher EX’s widgets from the standard fare found in other launcher apps.

Performance Optimisation Capabilities

Despite bringing rich visuals to the table, GO Launcher EX is optimised not to bog down your device. Its performance management ensures that the animation effects and transitions are buttery-smooth without draining resources. Additionally, the launcher includes memory cleaning tools helping to keep your Android experience sprightly and responsive even with extensive customisation.

You can also tailor the launcher’s performance settings to your liking, and for the power users, there is the ‘GO Launcher EX Advanced Settings’ menu. Through this, you can manage your apps’ resource usage, adjust screen scrolling speed, and control how your device reacts to launcher gestures and actions, offering control usually only seen in rooted devices.

Effective Memory Cleaning Tools

GO Launcher EX houses a ‘Boost’ widget that aims to enhance your device’s efficiency with a single tap. It clears background processes and frees up memory, promoting an unhindered user experience. Moreover, the boost feature doesn’t indiscriminately shut down apps but rather intelligently selects apps that aren’t critical to your current usage.

This proactive management of resources is especially beneficial for users with older Android models, where every byte of free memory counts towards maintaining peak performance. Such tailored optimisation helps GO Launcher EX stand out as a versatile launcher that caters to the hardware spectrum of Android devices.

Advanced Customisation and Management Tools

Within the advanced settings, savvy users can indulge in fine-tuning their experience. Here you can manage app animations, set default apps and incorporate gesture controls. This realm of customisation caters to those who demand refined control over their user interface.

Including an ‘App Lock’ feature and hide apps functionality, GO Launcher EX appeals to those conscious about privacy and clutter. The ability to protect your applications with a passcode is invaluable for keeping sensitive content away from prying eyes, further reinforcing the launcher’s extensive feature set.

How to Download GO Launcher EX

To embark on transforming your Android experience with GO Launcher EX, head to PortalProgramas and use the download link located at the top of the page. The download process is straightforward; once you arrive at PortalProgramas, simply click the link, and the installer file will begin downloading to your device.

After the download is complete, open the file to start the installation process. The step-by-step instructions will guide you through the installation, and you’ll be ready to enjoy GO Launcher EX’s multitude of features in no time. Ensure you have allowed installation from unknown sources if you’re not downloading directly from an app store.

What Type of User Might Like or Find GO Launcher EX Useful?

GO Launcher EX is a dream come true for users who revel in making their smartphones a reflection of their persona. Those with a penchant for personalisation will find it an indispensable tool. Its intuitive user interface, blend of beauty and functionality, and wide array of downloadable resources cater to both casual users and hardcore customisers alike.

Moreover, individuals concerned about their device’s performance will appreciate GO Launcher EX’s memory management features. Those who value privacy will leverage its app locking and hiding capabilities. It’s truly a versatile launcher that meets the diverse needs of Android users.

GO Launcher EX is a top-notch Android launcher known for its exceptional customisation, performance optimisation, and extensive feature list, making it a standout choice for personalising your smartphone experience.


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Complete customization

11 years ago

I love it because it does not occupy much space, works very smooth and stable, and allows you to completely change the look of Android. If you want to customize your phone, Go Launcher is probably the most recommended

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9 years and 3 months ago

I recommend quality issues, download it good

Would you recommend it to a friend? 
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New version 2.27

- The interface of the app has been redesigned to have a better access to the system settings.
- All Go Launcher can be managed from the same menu
- It has support for themes of other launchers
- Errors have been fixed

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