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This is a portable editor similar to Photoshop and Gimp

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Designers usually prefer to use Photoshop, however with time Gimp has been positioned little by little and there are a lot of people who use it and start with the graphic edition through this open software with Gimp. It is not simple makes designs with Gimp program as same as Photoshop program, that is the reason why this program has been made which is halfway between Photoshop and Gimp, in order to users can adapt some mixed tools that are in each one of these program for losing the fear that they have of Gimp editor.

GimPhoto Portable program is based in the Gimp code but it has similar tool as Photoshop, Adobe product. This editor has the possibility to integrate it in different plug-in and other functions for example color palettes and formats. The editor is a program with which users can test himself before make the real change with Gimp.    You must download now this program and you will have a good editor similar as Photoshop in your computer.


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