Firefox Portable (British)

Firefox Portable (British)

    66.0.1 - 64 bits

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Firefox portable can be your best friend and you can take it with you everywhere you go. The new version of Firefox has developed many improvements and it is presented in a new format, the portable one, as many other software do actually.    By doing so, users can take the programs with them everywhere they go and they can use it in more than just one computer.

The portable version is an improvement that can be installed in a USB memory or in a pendrive and be taken everywhere users want. Even, users will be able to customize it with the themes, extentions they like as well as being able to keep record of the history and many other options. Once in front of a computer, we will just need to connect the pendrive on it and open it: we will find ourselve surfing the net through our browser installed, this time, in our USB.

For now, Firefox portable is not an official version of the browser that can be installed in the computers. In these king of portable versions, have not yet been fully integrated in Firefox places like the products that the company offers.

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6 years ago

It is not to generate controversy because it is clear that Microsoft browsers are products of poor quality. However, as I researched, the latest version (IE 10) is pretty decent ... Although I have not tried anything I wanted I read that is even better than Chrome and Firefox on several important aspects, such as security (has new features like the "Enhanced Protected Mode", among other functions). The funny thing is that adopotó Microsoft strategy to promote this version say they have broken their tradition of being "the most hated browser" and even made this site, where you have improvements and laugh of itself, of its bad reputation and community "hater Explorer". Finally, we need to see how they continue with their developments.

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2 votes

Original review in Spanish translated with Google Translate. Read the original.

New version 66.0.1 - 64 bits

- It has support for the moving bar in Mac OS X.
- Close all the right-handed windows.
- See the windows of the chat separately when dragging them.
- Improvements when using fix tabs.
- Improvements in the SVG rendering.
- Improvements in the browser console.
- There is no support for sherlock files.
- There is no support for the W3C touch events.
- Solved all the different problems that it had with security.

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88.28 MB


66.0.1 - 64 bits



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