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Firefox Nightly for Mac

    60.0a1 - 64 bits
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Detailed Analysis

Nightly is the name that Mozilla gives to one of its developmental versions of Firefox. It is the testing of the last versions of this popular browser. Unlike Aurora, that was closer to a stable version, Nightly gets daily updates and it is the closing of the most risky for the ones that want to try the last of this browser.

Nightly have complete functions as a browser but using this version you have the risk of having more incompatibilities or bugs, as it is just a product that it is still in the development phase. The good thing about it is that you can try it before it is launched officially.

This version if for the public that like volunteer, as it is away to offer them the changes of this version and allow the feedback of the community to improve it even more. Nightly has activated as default setting the option to send anonymous stats to the developers. It also offers a menu in which you will be able to comment directly with the developers the problems or suggestions that you want to share with them.

Razones para usar este software

We can access really fast to the changes that have been done in Firefox.
The browser is completely functional.
We can communicate directly with the developers of Mozilla and tell them the errors that we see in the browser.
It is a developmental version, so it can have problems, bugs and some incompatibilities.

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4 years and 4 months ago

is thankful every day that we can try all changes and updates to Firefox

helpful? Thanks, winAdicto
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Yo have Nightly in other languages, we have to download the packs of languages that we will find in the website of Mozilla (if they are compatible with this version).

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60.0a1 - 64 bits



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