Final Fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy VIII

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Live again the adventures of Squall and Rinoa; a good way to enjoy time in your computer.

Detailed Analysis

If Final Fantasy 7 meant the popularization of the saga by Squaresoft worldwide, Final Fantasy 8 was the consolidation of it. Now, you will be able to enjoy one of the biggest classics of the Japanese RPG in Steam.

One of its main points, that still can be enjoyed after all the years that have gone by, is its history: discover the history of Squall Leonheart and his friends, which starts with the expansionists plans of Galbadia and it follows with the appearance of a mysterious witch that seems to be controlling the more powerful men in the nation. And, feel again the emotion with the love story between Squall and Rinoa...

The game is presented as it is, with the graphics and the sound (this midi that bothers so much...) from when it was launched, what is bad for the ones that were expecting a remake... and good for those who want to keep the title as the original one. However, the version that can be download in PC, Steam also offers 2 unique characteristics:

  • Improve the magic, a "trick" activated from the launcher that allows to increase up to 100 the space of the magic Cure, Cure+, Cure++, Piro, Piro+, Ice, etc.
  • A mini game which, in the last versions, was only available as an independent app. Now, you will be able to play and unblock this mini game from the game and use it from the same launcher.

This version of Final Fantasy VII is perfect for those who feel nostalgia of the game and for those who have not yet discovered this classic and amazing game. Of course, being 10 years old, do not expect amazing graphics and sound. At least, that is true, the videos and music by Nobuo Uematsu keep making us feel emotions as we felt in the first day.

Ventajas de usar este software

A complete classic remastered for Steam.
The history, videos and the music by Nobuo Uematsu.
It improve the Magic and the mini game, unique in the version of Steam PC.
The MIDI sound, now, it is really bothering... it is a pity that they have not improved it.
Who are expecting for a graphic adaptation to the new graphics of today are not going to find it in this version.

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4 years and 8 months ago

I loved at the time, and now is a good time to replay

helpful? Thanks, fbrana
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- Steam
- CPU: 2 GHz or higher.
- Memory: 1 GB of RAM or more.
- Graphics: compatible with DirectX 9.0c
- Free space in the disk: 4 GB.

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