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The best Dj mixer for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Have fun everywhere you are.

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What is a party without music? The same as the military intelligence: a contradiction. Now, you will have always with you a DJ station so you can enjoy your music everywhere you go.    djay 2 is an app with which you will be able to put music to all the parties in which you attend and make remixes with your favorite songs. It includes automatic modes and a good list of functions so, if you are a professional DJ as if you are not, you can give as a present to your friends an unforgettable session. You can mix in live, record your remixes to play them later or select the function Automix, that will mix a song with the next one automatically so you can just enjoy dancing as the rest of the people in the party.

djay 2 gets synchronized perfectly with your library of songs and playlists. To save your mixes, this station of DJ portable offers you the possibility to export your songs in the AIFF format of high quality and the possibility to send them to your PC or Mac through iTunes. You can choose the horizontal view to work with the two plates, or in vertical, so you can focus only in one of them.

This app for DJs detects automatically the tempo and the beats per minute, and it allows you to synchronize them automatically and create loops synchronized with the beats. As djay, it shows you the audio wave of the song and you will be able to preview specific points to put songs in the cue and get the transitions you most like and the most natural. It includes support to make scratch, option that you can also have in the automatic mode to coordinate the scratching with the rhythm of the song in real time. It also includes a three-bands equalizer that is completely independent for each of the plates and    crossfader to make transitions between songs.

In djay 2, you will find a nice amount of effects to use in your remixes, including the effects of Flanger, Phaser, Echo and some others that are also set as default.    You also have different ways to create and launch loops. The Auto-Loop is the easiest, as it allows you to repeat the loop in a part of the song. The manual loop offers you the option to choose the places in the song in which you want it appear, and the loop Bounce helps you to make a mash-ups and remix live your favorite songs adjusting the loops to the BPM.

It is compatible with iCloud and the technology AirPlay, and, besides, it supports sounds that you have created with third party apps, which means that you can copy and paste your samples and combine them in the plates to increase the possibilities of djay. And if all this is not enough, with djay you will also be able to use headphones at the time in which the music is playing and, thus, make pre-cues without them affecting to the current playlist. It is compatible with external controllers and hardware.

djay is the best solution for professional DJs and people who likes music that want to have a good session and remixes of high quality in real time. Install djay in your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and discover a new way to mix and chain songs to have the best music for your parties.

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Secured party

4 years and 10 months ago

I have not tasted better app for iPhone mixtures. Are now very cheap, so if you want a good application for DJs, I would advise you to buy it. There reaches a euro, and if you like doing remixes and DJing live, you will not regret spent have told you.

helpful? Thanks, disfruta
Original review in Spanish translated with Google Translate. Read the original.

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40 downloads (last 7 days)


- It needs iOS 4.3 or later

New version 2.8.10

- It is compatible with Audiobus
- It has the possibility of random playlist in the Auto-Mix mode.
- The audio is stopped when the headphones or the speakers are disconnected,
- Corrections and improvements.

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