Dead Trigger   for iPhone

Dead Trigger for iPhone

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Shooter in the first person with which you will learn to survive to the zombies that are invading your environment.

Detailed Analysis

Dead Trigger is not a small game to spend some time in your mobile, but it is a really huge production that will leave you with no words. The topic of the game is more than common: an endless handful of zombies have got the streets of your city and only your insctinct and intelligence will allow you to survive. Well, this and a good rifle.    

But the good side of this game is not in its original argument, but in the hard-worked graphics that will be able to make you really feel the fear of the game every time an undeadgets close to you trying to make you his dinner. A really wide map allows you to explore really different places in 10 different areas. During more than 40 hours of game, you will be able to go up in level and continue with the story or doing several different missions, plus you have also a survival mode, in which you will have to kill an endless line of zombies before it is too late for you.

But, between zombien and zombie, you will be able to relax a bit in the casino to win some money to equipment.    

The special effects and the details of the animation are prefectly worked and, together with the soundtrack of thegamie, you will feel completely inside the game.    And to keep you another with life, you will be able to use some heavy weapons, explosives, sables and, of course, the classic true shoot at the head of the zombies so they do not stand up again. In total, you will have    21 weapons that range from a Colt 1911, an old but really effective chainsaw, to different gadgets, bombs, radaress, etc. But, you will not be able to end the game without using your head and paying a lot of attention to what is moving around you.

Do not lose this opportunity to test Dead Trigger, one of the best shooters in first person and an authentic terror game for iPhone that you can download free to play on it as much as you want.

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4 years and 12 months ago

I love this game: some real good graphics, is not easy, but not impossible, many possibilities of gambling and weapons. Not just shoot like crazy, you have to put a bit of strategy and that makes it much better. I recommend it to everyone except whoever very sensitive to shocks and others, because the game can really make you not sleep.

helpful? Thanks, housedj
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