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DayZ becomes to be an independent game for your computer. Do not miss the chance to play to it.

Detailed Analysis

DayZ is one of the videogames of survival of the most popular for PC, a big success of sales in Steam. The game which, in its day, was a popular mod for the war simulator Arm II, now has become into an independent game that is in the path of becoming the dream of all the lovers of the Z genre.

An unknown plague is devastating the Earth and, now, the world is full of undead creatures that are looking for fresh blood and meat. There is only you and some other survivors left, desperate to achieve food and other issues that allow you to keep alive one more day. You will go through the entire world alone, in group or you will get what you want by force, but nothing is sure in DayZ, as the rules are established by you.

It is an online open game, in which we will explore an immense map with rural areas, cities and a lot of zombies and few resources as well as other players that are in the same place as we are. The meetings with them do not always have to be funny and nice, as we may expect, as the homicide and the robbery are facts of the most common in DayZ.

In this game, the immersion in it is everything; we do not find any tutorial or anything similar as neither mission. If we die, besides, we will lose our character and all the progress that we have done and we will have to start again from nothing; an amazing challenge that has already taken thousands of players to prove their skills in front of a zombie apocalypse.

DayZ uses a special version of the Chernarus of Arm 3, an area with 230 square km to cover. The system of servers has been improved, allowing up to 40 players to take part of the game in each of the servers. Also, it has been really worked the inventory system and it has been included "crafting" and improvements in the equipment and the arms.    

Are you ready to survive once more to the end of the world in the zombies' hands?

Ventajas de usar este software

System of crafting and customization of arms and equipment.
The interface has been improved.
The graphics have been updated.
It has better controls and animations.
There are no guides and the death is granted so it can be somewhat hard and slow for some players.
All the errors and the bugs that are present when playing during a development stage.

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mars roadrunner

mars roadrunner



3 years and 6 months ago

It was the best game I've played

Would you recommend it? 
Did it meet your expectations? 
Was it easy to use? 
helpful? Thanks, (oculto)
Original review in Spanish translated with Google Translate. Read the original.

Francisco Javier

Francisco Javier



4 years and 11 months ago

A great game no doubt, is what lovers spent years looking zombies. I just hope I end up bugs soon and having to enjoy it is completely fixed.

helpful? Thanks, (oculto)
Original review in Spanish translated with Google Translate. Read the original.


- Steam
- CPU: Intel Dual-Core 2.4 GHz, AMD Dual-Core Athlon 2.5 GHz or higher.
- RAM Memory: 2 GB or more.
- Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 8800GT, AMD Radeon HD 3830, Intel HD Graphics 4000 with 512 MB VRAM or higher.
- Free space in the disk: 10 GB or more.
- Sound: compatible with DirectX.

New version Alpha

The version that we find now is in development stage; in the future, we can expect:

  • Vehicles to use.

  • Animals which we will be able to hunt

  • Deep interactions within the players with the environment

  • Graphics and physic improved.

  • Controls and animations also improved to have a better fluidity

  • Support for mods created by users


While the game is in "Early Access", a lot of the final characteristics of it will not be present and we can find errors and bugs. This version is only recommended for those who want to help to improve the development of the game or for the most impatient ones.

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Windows Vista, 7


4 years and 11 months ago


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