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Stay on top of your finances from anywhere with the help of Contamoney.

With the way the world is today, managing the details of your finances is a vital necessity, as it is for individuals, families or businesses. To do this, financial manager help use and allow us to manage a lot of data, which makes working with numbers easier. Among the many things Contamoney has to highlight is the personal money management that you will be able to access from the web browser.

There are a lot of advantages, which you will be able to access your data at any moment and from any place, whether it is from your PC, another system or on a mobile device (the applications can be found in iTunes and will shortly be available for Android). If this makes you question whether your data is secure in the cloud, Contamoney guarantees it with a protocol for security comparable to online banking: SSL security certificate and disconnection between your bank details and personal identity. The interface of Contamoney is clean and simple, with a design, that makes work easy and that helps you with numberous assistance tools and tips. The detail for usability is what makes Contamoney a manager that is adaptable for the needs of every users and situation... but if you need extra features for self-employed and small businesses like submitting invoices, managing clients, taxes... these options are available with a more complete subscription service.

There is a better way to manage your finances,     and a great way to help you save... and even import all of your bank account movements. There are few options missing with Contamoney, except for making money. This, at the moment, is something that no program will be able to do for you.

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Good idea

6 years and 9 months ago

I love it, I think the idea is great, to charge expenses to currently manage accounts from any computer ... and the interface looks great and clear! I'll prove it, looks like it may become my main manager

helpful? Thanks
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