Call of Duty World at War: Zombies   for iPhone

Call of Duty World at War: Zombies for iPhone


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Is there anything else more terrifying than a zombie? Exact, a Nazi zombie. This is your main enemy in Call of Duty World at War: Zombies, a shooter in first person that is set in an imaginary Second World War in which the Third Reich is invaded by an army of the undead even more dangerous than the Wehrmacht and who have a lot of hunger to end with the allies as they own Nazis had, or even more.

This war game against the zombies offers you four maps, each of them different in which you will have to cooperate with the rest of the team to be able to progress in the process of going against the undead and convert them, once and for all, with dead in the most efficient way; by a right shoot in the head. Even that it is also a good idea to make them explode by throwing a grenade in the middle of the crowd but, be careful, if a zombie gets divided into two, its body without legs will crawl in the floor to try to bite you.

The funniest in Call of Duty: Zombies is playing in the online multiplayer mode via WiFi to combine your movements with the others players' ones and make the best strategies to end the every time more and more bigger army of zombies. The map Der Riese, also known as the Zombies Factory, is the biggest map and with more objects to which you have played in Call of Duty. The machine Pack a Punch of this scenery allows you to play with any of your arms, with more munition, more power in the shootings or an elegant metallic finishing. You will also find machines that will tele-transport you and a devastating arm, the Bowie Knife, with which you will be able to kill zombies of higher rank with a precise and silent attack.

The other three maps are Shi No Numa (from here on the Zombies' Marshes), Verrückt, or the Madhouse of the Zombies, and the original scenery Nacht der Untoten (The Night of the Undead), in which you start from the German bunker in which started the terrible plague of zombies. You can play as an American soldier, a Soviet, Japanese or the "infame" Dr. Richtofen, German. In your fight to finish with the Nazis that have come back from the darkness of the undead, you have a good arm equipment in which it does not lack any gun machines, rifles, explosives and    special tramps for zombies, with which you will be able to end with the multitude of zombies in just a single time, or use them to find a way to escape when a dozen of crazy and mad zombies get together close to you to eat human flesh.

The game also offers three different manners to control the movements and the attack of your character, including a virtual joystick and the accelerometer of your iOS device. It also includes a long list of achievements to unblock new objects and prizes, as well as a score board with the global scores to challenge you to be the number one in killing zombies.

Install Call of Duty: Zombies, the most terrific version of CoD World at War for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, and become the worst nightmare of the Nazi zombies.

The war against the most dangerous army of the history has now begun in your mobile device.


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Good maps

5 years ago

I really like the new maps are milk, and free end. The game is fine, it shows that it worked best to adapt to mobile.

helpful? Thanks, sevillana23

2 votes

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- It needs iOS 3.0 or later

New version 1.5.0

- New maps unblocked.
- New kind of zombies
- Now the zombies can climb the windows
- It improves the AI of the zombies
- New achievements available.

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