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Have fun and discover the beauty of the chaos with this game for your iOS device; you have never seen such graphics anywhere.

Detailed Analysis

Badland is a game of platforms and adventures in which, as we have already seen in other iOS games, like Sword & Sworcery, the essence of it is in the continent and not in the content. That's to sy, as a game, this game is not of the most innovative games in the dynamic of game, the objectives, the characters of the obstacles; now, if we have to talk about audiovisual experience, we have to recognize that this game is one of the best adventures for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Because of that, this game has been awarded with the Best Design Award in the World Wide Developers Conference of Apple, made at the beginning of June. That is true, that the design of this game is of the most spectacular. In first plan, all the elements of the game (characters, platforms and obstacles) are dark and plain; combining with a background full of color, textures, lights and shadows, that offers a really attractive design.

On the other side, the sound effects are so much natural (even when they come from a chainsaw) that you will never realize that it does not have a background music, but a relaxing sound of bubbles o the singing of the birds. It is also worth mentioning that the sound that you will hear when your character faces death in one of the mortal obstacles of this game, saws, presses, picket...

The game is really simple to manage, but it is hard to control. As what happens with other games like Jetpack Joyride, you only have to press any place in the screen of your iOS device so this creature flies and just quit pressing so it goes back to the ground. It may seem easy but avoiding the tramps of Badland with this system is a complete challenge.

In your way, you will find several different objects with which you will have to interact to go through different stages, as for example, rocks that can stop the presses so they do not crush you. You will also find enhancers that make your size bigger or smaller, or that multiply our main character, with which we will be able to manage up to 10 characters.    

The arcade mode has 50 levels (that are enlarged with the frequent updates of the game), but it also includes a multiplayer game so you can play with your friends, as long as to 4 friends. One will start growing, another will be made smaller, another will multiply his character and the final result will be the funniest chaos that you can imagine. Badland is an indie platform game, without advertisings and with no sponsors, that offers one of the best multimedia experiences and a dynamic of game challenging and, in some occasions, of the most tense.

If you are looking for a different game and an adventure for your mobile device, download Badland in your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and discover the chaotic and beautiful world of this nice creature.

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The graphic design and the audio effects have been really well-worked
It is very simple to manage
It has a lot of tension
Multiplayer mode
It has a variety of levels that are enlarged with frecuency
It can be a bit repetitive

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strawberry killer623

strawberry killer623



nice graphics

4 years and 9 months ago

I leave the graphics, but the game itself is not no big deal

helpful? Thanks, strawberry killer623

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4 downloads (last 7 days)


- It needs iOS 4.3 or later

New version 3.4.3

- It has 10 new levels, 30 new missions and 5 new achievements to make the game last longer.

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