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officesuite pdf

All of the apps you require n one for working easily from your mobile.

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alarm xtreme

Get up with your own rhythm and never be late to anywhere you have to go.

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cant wake up alarm clock

This is the perfect app for all those people that need a little extra help waking up in the mornings.

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notetodo notes

The most complete and functional widget that you must have in your mobile.

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doodle schedule

Organize well your day and discover all the functionalities offered by Doodle: Schedule.

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Customer of the online office software Open365, you can work wherever you want

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Now, you will have available the best, more complete and attractive calendar for your Android.

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The perfect app for those who go shopping and always forget to buy something.

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list daily success checklist

An app with which to improve our self-esteem and enjoy our successes.

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wotsnext todo task list

A good app to know always what you have to do.

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alarmrun social alarm

Do not worry anymore: if you fall asleep, all your friends can wake you up.

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habitica gamify tasks

Your daily tasks can have an epic look with this mixture of task manager and role play. A different way to organize your tasks, with sword thrusts!

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Office utilities

basic docx reader

Open all Word documents you have in mobile, in Dopbrox, downloaded from the web or attached to a mail

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officesuite viewer 7 pdf hd

One of the best apps that we need to have in our device: preview documents of MS Office and many other offimatic suites.

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document viewer

Read and open all the documents you want on your phone with this complete viewer.

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