Angry Birds Star Wars II   for iPhone

Angry Birds Star Wars II for iPhone

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Angry Birds Star Wars comes back again to your iPhone. Now, you will be able to enjoy this saga with the characters of the second release.

Detailed Analysis

When we complain that so much wars between pigs and birds gets annoyong, Rovio launches a new game of them and make us all shut up. If the virst adaptation to the classis serie of science fiction to the world of Angry Birds was already recognised wverywhere no only to be really well done, but also because it was on of the best versions of the game, the second part Angry Birds Star Wars for iPhone is not going to be less.    

Rovio takes you back again to a galaxy really really far away, this time set in two different sceneries and with different arguments all concerning the episodes I, II and III of this trilogy, that's to say, the last ones produced. But besides offering you a nww pack of characters (Anakin, Obi Wan, Windu, Yoda...) and special skills, this second part offers us a lot of news again not to quit surprising you. The first and the most important of them is that, at the end, you will be able to play on the pigs side, not as in their independen game, Bad Piggies, but with the same dynamic of game of the classic games Angry Birds: put them in the slingshot, calculate the direction and the position and let them fly so they can fall on the birds.    

So, if on one side, you have the noble Jedi birds, you can also go to the dark side as Anakin and join the piggy version of the emperator Palpatine and distroy all the walls that you find in your way thanks to the energy rays or by shoting rockets with Jango Fett. In total, there are more than 30 character between birds and pigs, jedis and siths, and each of them has its own special skill, always inpired in the corresponding character that they give life to in this game of the Star Wars.

You will also be able to unblock achievements and size your scores with the best players of Angry Birds in the boards of global classification, as well as buy new characters and power-ups. You will be able to end with the game with the birds and then with the pigs, or changing from one to the other in each of the levels.

No matter is you are fan of Angry Birds or if you are a fan of the legendary saga of George Lucas, Angry Birds Star Wars II will not deceive you. The best of the games in Angry Birds gets completely intact, but it adds some news, asbeing able to play form te pig side, and all the winks that we can imagine, not just in the characters, but also un the music and the setting in general. Do not wait anymore and dwownload Angry Birds Star Wars II for your iOS device to be able to try this new war between birds and pigs.

Ventajas de usar este software

It has a lot of new characters with new skills
It has a variety of sceneries based in the chapeters I, II and III of Star Wars
The humor of Angry Birds is still working
It allows players to change the side in which to play

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4 years and 9 months ago

The best thing is that there are many more characters and so is usually more difficult to do monotonous, there are many more things to discover and do not get bored, the characters are also very well searched, I really like

helpful? Thanks, gadiz
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