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By downloading this application will get this wonderful billiard game suitable for anyone.

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Amju Super Cool Pool is a new billiard game in which you will be able to see this game from another perspective outside the mainstream. This app has been created for kids, with a fun environment in which they will learn how to play billiards, the rules of the game, they can practice, etc. The game also allows you to play against a friend or against the computer, depending on what you want do.

The game is very simple to use, since you only need your mouse to play. Just clicking you can point to where you want to direct your shot, and the second will make you shot with your wad. With the second click, the game will let you choose the power of the shot, so that you can always adapt it to the needs of each shot in any of the games.

The game includes a mode to direct the ball with which you will be able to see, before shotting, the trajectory that will do the ball once you have shot it. This will be useful to get to know the different degrees of strength with which you will have to hit the ball.


- You will be able to play for an hour.

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