• Publishing standards

    In order to grant you the best experience browsing by PortalProgramas, we have some guidelines of the programs that we publish and review:

    Antivirus security

    We put much effort in assure that our programs are safe: our programs don't have viruses, spyware, adware or malicious software for your computer. All the programs have been verified by our editors team for your safeness. Even so, an Antivirus may alerts you about some harmful programs: inform you about this situation en out FAQ.


    all the programs that we review offers some value to users. We don't publish programs that don't demonstrate a minimum quality standards, or that cause errors to users. Software that we don't publish:

    • Applications that doesn't have any useful functionality.
    • Apps that are not stable or they doesn't run correctly (for example: it crash regularly).


    The adware apps are free because they gain money through the advertisements. If they include them in a harmful or annoying way, we try to alert users.

  • How we review apps?

    Our editors team test and evaluate every app that is published at PortalProgramas. Because that, we only review apps that we consider useful.

    descripciones en portalprogramas

    Our rating system depends on some aspects:

    • Features: What the application does? The program must do what it promises and has to do it well.
    • Usability: Is it easy to use? Has an user-friendly interfazce?
    • Performance: Is it heavy or lightweight for your computer resources?

    With these and other standards (that may change over time) we review the apps, offering an useful description of what you'll encounter in it.