• How to find programs?
  • Option 1: Search bar. The fastest way to find a program is by using our search bar. Enter the program title or a descriptive word. Ej:
    Emule o p2p programs
  • Option 2: categories. If you want to find apps from an specific subject, the categories offers solutions with the features you want, and other similar programs. Ej:
    If you want apps to change your video formats, in the category Video you will find them. But also you will see video players, video editors, codecs... that also you will find useful.
  • Option 3: hot apps. Easily find the best apps for every category in the "Most downloaded"
  • Option 4: New software. If you dont know which program you should download, our New software selection brings you the latest ones.
  • How can I know the most important of every app?

    The review page is divided in 3 information blocks:

    ficha programa

    What will you find in every block?

    Green block

    The most important information of this software: times that have been downloaded, review post, users rating, screenshots...

    Gray Block

    The full description of the program, to know exactly what it does. Here you can find tutorials, user comments and more.

    Orange block

    The links of similar apps: other programs with the same features, or complimentary programs that can be interesting too.

  • How to download software?

    You have 2 options:

    download software

    Orange block: Safe download from PortalProgramas

    We manage the download, so we can offer virus scanning, assured availability and fast downloading speed.

    Gray block: Download from author web

    The download link is managed by software author, so we cannot guarantee virus lacking, availability or speed

  • Software experts
    What do you mean with experts?

    The experts are fictional user profiles that recommend apps about different categories. Look their photo, read the description, and if you want check their programs list. You will discover many new programs that you can find interesting.

    For example, if you like web design you can search for the Web designer profile. It recommends some programs that you may find useful:

    Find now the best software expert that suits to you!

    Software experts