• What advantages I'll have if I register at PortalProgramas with Facebook?

    If you are a Facebook user and register at PortalProgramas with your account you'll find exclusives features:

    • Discover what your friends download.
    • Share your favourite apps and games with them.
    • Help your friends to download the best apps and games.

    Connect know with Facebook and discover what your friends download.

  • How to connect with Facebook?

    You only need 3 clicks to begin to use Facebook Sync with PortalProgramas. In the web's header there's a button called "See friends" where you have a description of this service. From there you can click in "Identifiy with Facebook" and your synchronization will begin.

    Botón ver amigos
  • How to disconnect Facebook Sync?

    At any time you can deactivate your Facebook sync with PortalProgramas, from your User panel.

    You have to go to your PortalProgramas account and find "Facebook configuration". There you can deactivate the sync service:

    Remember that if you deactivate Facebook sync, you'll lose all extra features!

  • Do you post something to my Facebook wall?

    The Facebook posts are deactivated by default. But we give you some options to share at your wall the games and apps that you download. You can activate/deactivate this option from your account:

  • Can my friends see what I download?

    By default your friends share their downloads with you, and you with them.

    But if you don't want to share your apps and games with your friends you have the option of deactivate this feature, so you can connect as an anonymous user.

  • How can I see what my friends download?

    You simply have to login at PortalProgramas with Facebook.

    Automatically the web will show the recent downloads made by your friends of Facebook who also use this feature in PortalProgramas.

  • Privacy settings

    You choose the information that you want to share with us. We only need data from your Facebook account to register with PortalProgramas. When you register with Facebook at PortalProgramas, it will show you the permissions that we ask: you decide if grant them or not.

    Your data is protected under the Spanish data protection law. We don't sell or give your data to third parties, and don't send not requested advertisements.