• What means "legal software"?

    Is software used with its author permission. Almost every app has a license that establish its terms and conditions.

    The software author can offer this license for free (with no money cost) or paid. Then, use legal software is not the same as use free software. We can find legal software for free, but is illegal to use for free any paid software without author's permission.

  • Why I should use legal software?

    Because the piracy is illegal. And also because it can harm our computer.

    Is very common to find dangerous malware in the cracks, keygen, and so. Also in that webpages that promise free serials and other suggestive benefits.

    The P2P networks, like Emule or Torrent ones, also can host many malicious programs hidden. And our antivirus software can't do anything if we insist in downloading suspicious files.

    For this reason, if you want a program but don't want to pay, we recommend you other possibilities: to look for an open source alternative, get a trial, or maybe other similar program that you can afford.

  • Which are the legal software's advantages?
    • You can access easily to software updates. This way you can take benefit of the latest improvements and new features.
    • You can have direct support from software developers.
    • You can get your license easily and without the risk of downloading malicious software.
  • What to do If I don't want to pay licenses?

    At PortalProgramas we offer legal and free alternatives to paid software:

    • strong>Freeware: free apps without feature restrictions. They don't have to be worse than paid software. Many times these programs earn money by advertisements.
    • Open source software: Is software with licenses that grants freedom to use, modify and redistribute the program. They don't to have to be always free, but in most cases they don't cost anything for domestic users.

    This way, if we you don't want to pay, remember that you can find free alternatives.