An application's license shows the way an app can be used. All programs have license, more or less restrictive. In every app review we display its license and the software limitations. For example:

    Software licenses in Portalprogramas

    What licenses are avaliable?

    Shareware: you can try a demonstration version of the final product. These apps are always limited in some ways: with 30 days of use, with some basic functions (as "save") restricted... to access to the complete functionality of the program, we must purchase the full version.

    Freeware: free fully software without major restrictions or limitations; all the functions are available without time limit. However the software can has some use restrictions, like "only for non-commercial purpose". Also we have the "Lite" apps, basic programas with other "professional" versions.

    Note that these programs use to be ad-supported in many cases.

    In mobile apps, we can find games that are very difficult at higher levels, and we must buy some power-ups to advance. We can get them by playing a lot or we can bypass this purchasing some virtual coins. These games are free, but if this is not well-implemented, we can consider them as "pay-to-play" games.

    strong>Demo: similar to the freeware license, we use this to name the videogame demonstrations. The restrictions here depends on the developer: usually we can only play the first level, or for a limited amount of time.

    Open-source software: with this license users have the freedom to use, modify and redistribute the software. Even if most of these programs are free, we shouldn't confuse with the freeware software. We can use these programs with educational purposes, or commercial ones. We can modify them if we need it and we redistribute them without restrictions.

    How to choose the software that I need?

    All of us like full and free applications, but this is not always possible. Luckily, you can find an extensive catalogue of free software at our portal, sometimes even better than paid one. But don't forget that sometimes the best programs in their category are notofree: is the case, for example, of Microsoft Office and Photoshop. If you don't want ti pay the license, you can always try the shareware version or a similar alternative.