• Is PortalProgramas safe?

    PortalProgramas is formed by a dedicated team or people dedicated to maintain this website safe and updated. Our editors team test and review every app before publishing it. Thats why we invite you to know our contents policy so you can know about the guidelines that we use in PortalProgramas.

    We collaborate in Spain Government projects to promote the safe software.

    We won't never publish malicious software. Your security is very important for us. But a 100% security guarantee is nearly impossible, due to new malware or antivirus fail. We work to offer you a 99% guarantee, but for the other 1% we recommend you a good security suite.

  • Why some programs don't work?

    In PortalProgramas we test every program to guarantee that it works (we invite you to know our contents policy. But because different systems configurations is nearly impossible to determine that a program will work in every computer and OS.

    Every computer or smartphone, even with the same OS, has his own configuration and other programas installed. In fact, a newly installed program can interfere with others. In that case we offer you 2 alternatives:

    • To contact with the software's developer. The software's author knows best the technical details of his own product.
    • Look for an alternative. Possibly you'll find other apps with similar features in our site.
  • Why some downloads are detected as dangerous by my antivirus?

    At PortalProgramas we don't publish apps with virus or malware. You can read it in our Content policies. If you receive an antivirus alert, this can be caused by other factors:

    • The program has dangerous features that the antivirus detect. They are not virus, but is received as a menacing functionality that can be dangerous to your computer. Examples: programs to spy a computer, remote computer management, password recovery...
    • Is a false positive: the antivirus has detected as a threat a program that really is not. In fact, if you scan it with other antivirus you'll see that is not dangerous. For example Servidores FTP or P2P programs

    How can I assure that is not really a virus?

    You can scan online the file with VirusTotal, an online free service that uses dozens of different antivirus scanners.

  • Why are there so many programs in English?

    We always try to publish software in Spanish language, but is not always possible because most programs are developed only in English. Fortunately, many programs are so intuitive that the language doesn't matter very much.

    Otherwise in PortalProgramas English version we'll try too to include the English version as the main download.

  • Who supports the programs?

    strong>Who knows best a program than its author? They are who can resolve better any doubt or problems that you have with their software. For this reason we recommend you to contact with them. They use to offer technical support through 2 ways:

    • Inside the app there is usually a help menu or FAQ. You'll find there most respones for your doubts.
    • Through its contact information. You can find it in the software's author web (and you have a direct link in every software review).

    Finally, if the author doesn't bring support and you have a question, you can contact with us and ask directly. We don't offer guarantee of resolve your problems... but we can try it.