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Top Features

There are only free games
Find games that will surprise you
You will end up downloading more games that you thought
It is very easy to discover new games
Every day there are new recommendations
All of the games have been selected by players
More daily recommendations, the limit of 10 is low if you play a lot.
You can share the games you like on Facebook

Detailed Analysis

GamesDrop is a free games recommender according to your tastes. What you will see are dozens of good games that you are sure to like land, which in addition, are games that other players have already played and selected as the best. GamesDrop has technology that analyses which    games you like, and the more you use GamesDrop for discovering new games the better it will get to know your tastes and it will make recommendations for games that will surprise you.

Games recommended exclusively for you

It is a customized games recommender.    It compares which games other users similar to you like and it will recommend those that you haven't tried yet. Discover new games which you will love!

Only games selected by players

In GamesDrop there is a team of players in the background who analyze all of the Google Play games and they only select the best. Taking into account the game quality, graphics, game play, how many people play, Google Play evaluations... it offers you only the best so that you save time in finding games.

Only free games

All of the games recommended are free!

Over 100 game categories

If you want to discover games for yourself, you will find a browser with over 100 game categories, from action games to puzzles, you are going to find everything!

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2,272 downloads (last 7 days)

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3 reviews from our community





Great app to find the best Android

1 year and 6 months ago

So far all the apps I downloaded like me ... I'm hooked because I always end up downloading a lot !!

Would you recommend it? 
Did it meet your expectations? 
Was it easy to use? 
helpful? Thanks, asdfasfsd

1 votes

Original review in Spanish translated with Google Translate. Read the original.





1 year and 6 months ago

I've finally found my not found in Google Play! as Framaroot

Would you recommend it? 
Did it meet your expectations? 
Was it easy to use? 
helpful? Thanks, asdfasfsd

2 votes

Original review in Spanish translated with Google Translate. Read the original.





Interesting to find apps you do not know

1 year and 10 months ago

When I need for my apps it is the fastest way to find them because all I've downloaded so far are pretty good.

helpful? Thanks, rastafi

8 votes

Original review in Spanish translated with Google Translate. Read the original.

New version 1.4.4

1.2.13 (07/11/2016)
- Policy privacy updated
- Minor errors solved
1.2.12 (06/29/2016)
- Maintenance update
- Usability improvements
- Performance improvements
- Less errors thanks to our new manager
1.2.11 (05/09/2016)
- Maintenance update
- Errors control
1.2.10 (04/28/2016)
- Improvement for slow connections
- Faster browsing and better usage
- Minor errors fixed
1.2.9 (04/22/2016)
- More and better app recommendations
- Update manager has been improved
1.2.8 (04/11/2016)
- Browsing improved
- Greater detail in user reviews
- AppsDrop is faster

1.2.7 (03/31/2016)
- Keep downloaded APKs
- Category browsing has been improved
- Better error control
- Minor errors fixed

1.2.6 (03/23/16)
- Minor bugs fixed

1.2.5 (03/18/16)
- Usability and navegation improved
- Bugx fixed
- New version in french

1.2.4 (03/02/016)
- Log in system fixed
- Some links fixed

1.2.3 (02/15/16):
- Search engine improved
- Minor bugs fixed
- Tailored app alerts

1.2.2 (02/05/16):
- More users reviews for each app
- More help downloading apps
- New list of viewed apps
- Performance tweaks

1.2 (01/25/16):
- Search suggestions added
- New system to manage parallel downloads
- You can pause downloads if wifi is not available
- Minor errors solved

1.1.12 (01/15/16):
- APK downloads managed from AppsDrop
- App browsing has been improved
- Minor errors solved

1.1.11 (01/11/16):
- Help section improved
- Notifications of updates and new apps
- New section "about us" to get in touch with us
- Minor error solved

1.1.10 (12/23/15)
- More results when you search for an app
- Help for downloading APKs has been improved
- Menu options are easier to read

1.1.9 (12/4/15)
App downloading is faster! If you had any issue while downloading an app, you will see a new help menu. If your device is not compatible with any app, a message will be shown. Furthermore, you can enlarge images!

1.1.8 (11/27/15)
- User reviews are featured
- Access to search on all pages
- App page is nicer
- AppsDrop is faster
- Limitations and requirements for each app are shown

1.1.7 (11/20/15)
- App listings desing improved
- App pages are now cleaner and easier to read
- Antivirys report of each app is included in app pages
- User's reviews design has been improved
- More info of user's ratings is shown

1.1.6 (11/13/15)
- Added button to download from Google Play
- Added Facebook login
- Design of login improved
- More apps shown on home
- Improved the design of the app page

1.1.5 (11/06/15)
- More apps in home page
- User reviews design improved
- Apps page improved
- Easier browsing throught home, menu and app pages
- Search results improved
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